Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance in Edinburgh.

Blackhall is a fully accredited solar supplier and installer, with many years’ experience fitting ideal systems to buildings of all shapes and sizes. When you install a Solar PV (photovoltaic) system, your property will essentially become a mini power plant, allowing you to significantly reduce your monthly bills.

About Blackhall’s Solar PV Panels.

      • Save around 50% on your electricity bill – Based on installation of a 2.2kw system and an average annual electricity consumption of 3300kwh.
      • Every system is very low maintenance.
      • Sell your generated electricity back to the national grid – Tax Free!
      • Get a free consultation if you are in Edinburgh.
      • Solar PV panels even work when it’s cloudy!

How would you like to know that you could avoid paying any electricity bills for half a year? You could even make money by selling your generated electricity back to the national grid using the FIT (Feed-in-Tariff) system. We’re one of the leading solar companies in Edinburgh so contact us today to make your solar dream a reality!

Why Install Solar PV Panels?

A few interesting facts about what life with solar PV panels is like:

      • Earn additional payments from the national grid – Whilst you are paid for all units of electricity generated, whether you use them or not, any units unused are automatically fed back to the national grid for additional payments.
      • Protect yourself from ever rising energy costs – There is less need to worry about the predicted 14-25% increase in energy costs by 2020.
      • Save up to a tonne of c02 emissions every year – Create a safer environment for your children, grandchildren and all future generations.
      • Feed in tariffs (FIT’s) are now index linked for 25 years – Starting April 1st 2010 the UK government’s F.I.T Scheme began guaranteeing payments to consumers, tax-free and index linked to inflation for the next 25 years.

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