Our Heating Engineers in Edinburgh.

Our heating engineers in Edinburgh specialise in Gas Fires, Gas Boilers, Central Heating Systems, Gas Hobs etc.

Why Choose Blackhall’s Heating Engineers?

The heating team at Blackhall have more than 100 years of combined experience. Whether you have a gas fire or a central heating system our qualified team will be able to help with any problems you encounter. Gas fires can often be made to work more efficiently in your home so you can get as much heat as possible for your money.

If your central heating has noisy pipes or they’re just in need of repair or upkeep, our team can help with these issues. We can maximise the efficiency of your central heating and keep bills as low as possible – please call today on 0131 444 2200 with any central heating issues.

Blackhall’s Heating Services.

  • Central heating system repairs.
  • Safety and performance servicing – reducing the chances of a breakdown and maximising fuel economy.
  • Energy saving heating and hot water system upgrades.
  • Power flushing – essential for improving heating performance and to improve fuel economy.
  • Investigation and repair of leaks and pressure drops.
  • Repairing or replacing badly performing radiators.
  • Upgrades to your thermostatic controls to reduce your gas bills

All makes and models of heating systems and other plumbing hardware repaired and replaced. Feel free to email us with photographs of your current installation.

For your FREE quote from Blackhall call 0131 444 2200